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Peace of Mind Is Within Reach

Online Sessions with Carrie Wilson

Meet Carrie

Evidential Psychic Medium & Cartomancer 

Carrie Wilson is an Alabama born Psychic Medium & Cartomancer. Try not to let the word "Cartomancer" scare you; it is just an easier way of saying she reads cards by using several different modalities.


Carrie began her journey in 2013 with a chance encounter with Spirit. Although, she does remember feeling different or 'in-tune' all of her life her abilities did not come to fruition until the death of her 2 siblings. 

Growing up in Alabama, Carrie experienced a lot of fear based teachings. As early as she can remember she was told that Psychics and Mediums were doing the Devil's work. Little did she know that one day she would be blessed with the gift of Spirit Communication & Psychic abilities.

Psychic Medium

What I Specialize In

Evidential Mediumship 

Psychic Readings



Intuitive Life Guidance

The Journey Towards Healing Begins with Taking the First Step. Begin Your Journey Today.

"Oh wow. I had the best, and most detailed, photo reading with Carrie today. She connected with my late husband and brought so many things out that no one but the parties involved could have known. Carrie is a truly gifted, compassionate, caring medium who uses her gift with grace and dignity, keeping in mind her place in the story...that of passing along to loved ones messages from those who have gone before them. Priceless. Thanks so much."

- Merilynn Greene

“Took a leap of a faith after just googling mediums. Read her reviews and decided "just do it". Such a gift that I did. Carrie is compassionate, funny, sensitive, honest. She was able to give me something I desperately was needing for a while now..... Some peace. Thank you so much, Carrie. Will use her again soon.”

“Carrie is utterly authentic, there are no bells and whistles, nothing but humility, a pure desire to serve Spirit and her clients, and the tenacity to keep opening to what she hears however misleading some of it may sound. She is gifted, absolutely trustworthy, and wonderfully down to earth.”

- Ana Onatah 

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In a Mediumship Session Carrie connects with your loved ones in Spirit to bring forth Evidence of their life as well as Evidence that they are still with you. She cannot guarantee that a specific Spirit will step forward, but it is guaranteed that she will do her very best to be a vessel for the Spirit wanting to communicate with you. 

Once payment is received an appointment time & date will be scheduled. 

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Psychic Medium

Mediumship Session

Bridging this World and the Next

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