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Real Psychic Medium

So, as a person who is skeptical of things I cannot touch, see, smell, taste, or hear...believing in mediums was not exactly in my wheelhouse.

I hate that term, "not in my wheelhouse" but if it fits, I sits.

My dad died when I was 6 years old and I never properly dealt with the grief of losing him and all of the issues that his loss affected in my life (I'm now 53) so when she gave me a description of the spirit speaking to her, and it fit my dad, it was suddenly in my wheelhouse...especially when she started conveying to me certain things he was saying, that nobody would have known about, except for me and him...

It was an emotional, tear-jerking, healing moment that made me a believer. I highly recommend to anyone that may be skeptical of mediums to give Carrie a shot...she's not that Karen from New Jersey on tv. Nowhere near it.

Hell, Carrie needs a tv show of her own.

She's that good.

Out of ten stars, I give her a baker's dozen of thirteen

- Leland F. - AL

Carrie has the sweetest heart! she’s got an amazing gift & confirmed so many things for me. her calm demeanor is so comforting ♥

- Carlie- AL

Carrie is utterly authentic, there are no bells and whistles, nothing but humility, a pure desire to serve Spirit and her clients, and the tenacity to keep opening to what she hears however misleading some of it may sound. She is gifted, absolutely trustworthy, and wonderfully down to earth.

- Ana- France

She’s simply fabulous! There are no words to describe how amazing Carrie is. Her Mediumship skills are incredible.

- Jean- Ohio

Carrie gets to the heart of the matter with insight and compassion. She left me feeling much better than before we spoke.

- Jenny- CA

Carrie is extremely on point. Whether it's a picture reading, card reading, or a reading in regards to a loved one....she is accurate and caring. Sweetest spirit and it can be felt. You won't be disappointed.

-Ebony, GA

Carrie is an inspiring, blessed and true pioneer, void of ego, purely working hand in heart alongside our spiritual loved ones and their callings. I have been privileged to be a part of her life and am truly graced to hold her and her name close to my heart. She’s a true gift!

- Jennifer- NJ

Carrie is such a wonderful, warm talented lady. I could not recommend her highly enough.

- Dawn, UK

Carrie definitely gave me comfort, she’s funny and also took the time to answer my questions. Nothing but good vibes.

- Sam, AL

Mrs. Wilson is well spoken, thorough, kind, and very personable. she explained the process of her medium readings thoroughly beforehand and she checked in with me often to ensure I was following what she was saying, and to see if what she was picking up resonated with me. she connected with my mother and brother who passed in 2014, and gave me several spot on details. i left our session feeling like a weight had been lifted from my heart. i can't recommend her enough.

- Emily,  AL

Words cannot put into justice the accuracy that the reading was, provided me with insight into things I didn’t realize were going on and clarified a lot of what I was feeling. Would def recommend!

Thank you again Carrie!

- Ashley, NY

What an amazing person with an amazing gift!! Carrie is such a good hearted person and she connects very well with Spirit. She has a very loving and soft personality. I will continue to go to her for Spiritual readings. Have no doubt, she IS the real deal! She is completely professional and very kind. I look forward to keep doing business with her in the future!

- Scott, AL



I highly recommend Carrie Wilson as a Psychic-Medium. I have just received a very in-depth reading from her. Carrie was able to tune into my current emotional and mental states very accurately. Then she brought through three loved ones in spirit. All of her evidence was compelling, but there was one particular memory that I have been waiting to hear since my husband's passing. NO ONE could have known it besides my hubby. And today she brought t forward!. She is the real deal! Thank you, Carrie, from the bottom of my heart <3 "

- Pam- IL

I can not thank Carrie enough for sharing in her abilities with me.  I have received many readings in the past by other psychic mediums and energy healers, Carrie really stands above many of them. Her positive, loving and comforting presence really put me at ease. She brought through so many validations when connecting with my loved one in spirit. I truly know that she was communicating with my brother beyond a shadow of a doubt which has brought me great comfort! She was spot on! And there was no way she could have known those things. So wonderful to know we are loved and supported from the spirit world. I also have had several angel card readings from Carrie and she has been able to bring things through guidance and clarity in which I needed to focus on to get me through to move forward. I highly recommend Carrie to everyone and look forward to my next reading."  

-Nelly D- Florida

" I have had several readings with Carrie.  She delivers her readings with compassion and integrity.  She has brought through information that only I would only know and blow my mind with the details she had provided.  Carries is always striving to be the best medium she can be, constantly honing her ability and taking classes by some of the best teachers/mediums in the UK. Carrie is the medium to go to if you are looking for evidential, ethical and compassionate reading.  God Bless her and her ability!! "

-Kim  From Leland , NC

" Carrie has done me many readings and always takes her time to go in depth. She got my mother who has been gone 35 years and only ever came through a few times before. She has given me highly ethical, gentle and kind messages giving love and hope and I would recommend her to anyone. "

-Mary, Scotland

" Carrie is the first person that’s ever read the cards for me and I must say that she did a wonderful job. The explanations of the card she pulled for me all resonated and hit home in so many ways. It was a delightful and unexpectedly emotional experience. For anyone considering having a reading done, here is my advice: Be open to everything. Trust that Carrie knows what she is doing and that she will help guide you through the entire process with ease and compassion. Carrie is truly a beautiful soul and I’m blessed to know her. "

-Carolyn, Georgia

" I had a reading off Carrie Wilson today. And i can highly recommend her to anybody. Everything she was saying was spot on. My best friend came through and she was able to give me some lovely messages from him. She made sure it was 100% him before she went any further. Not only did u cry but i laughed as well. She is truly an amazing women to talk to. And she has truly put my mind as ease from all the guilt i have. Thank you so much Carrie i really appreciated everything you done. Xxxxxxx "

-Saffron, U.K.

" I was drawn to a reading with Carrie when I felt comfortable with her and yet so confused with my life. My grandmother came through and validated me on a whole new level. Carrie is the real deal, has a loving presence, and helps me heal and also challenge myself. I soon after requested a reading for my adult daughter and the generational growth is beyond explanation. Carrie provides a service that you can't find anywhere else. If you are blessed to know her, you are blessed beyond measure. "

- Shelley, NC

" Carrie is an amazing soul who doesn't sugar coat or is full of fluff but she's the real deal. Have had the pleasure of a couple readings and wow no hiding anything from her she knows. Besides her grace, honesty she is so accurate with compassionate support and you just feel so relaxed with her. She's also very funny which is such a refreshing change ❤️ "

- Cindy, Alberta

Real Psychic Medium

" Carrie is the first person that’s ever read the cards for me and I must say that she did a wonderful job. The explanations of the card she pulled for me all resonated and hit home in so many ways. It was a delightful and unexpectedly emotional experience. For anyone considering having a reading done, here is my advice: Be open to everything. Trust that Carrie knows what she is doing and that she will help guide you through the entire process with ease and compassion. Carrie is truly a beautiful soul and I’m blessed to know her. "

-Carolyn, Georgia

Loved every minute of my reading! Would  definitely recommend. "

- Jenni,  IA

Carrie has an amazing talent. She has opened up my eyes and heart to things I haven't felt before. I am so happy our paths crossed. You are awesome, Carrie! "

- Katti

Carrie is such a wonderful, warm talented lady. I could not recommend her highly enough. "

- Dawn, U.K.

Carrie helped me solve the ghost mystery in my house. My ancestors are so chatty!   Thank you Carrie for relaying their message to me. "

- Annette, Virginia

Oh wow. I had the best, and most detailed, photo reading with Carrie today. She connected with my late husband and brought so many things out that no one but the parties involved could have known. Carrie is a truly gifted, compassionate, caring medium who uses her gift with grace and dignity, keeping in mind her place in the story...that of passing along to loved ones messages from those who have gone before them. Priceless. Thanks so much. "

- Merilynn Greene, Ireland

Took a leap of a faith after just googling mediums. Read her reviews and decided "just do it". Such a gift that I did. Carrie is compassionate, funny, sensitive, honest. She was able to give me something I desperately was needing for a while now..... Some peace. Thank you so much, Carrie. Will use her again soon. "

- Kristi W.

Carrie Wilson gave me a reading over the phone and she connected with my son she told me he was laying down when he passed and he was laying on the sectional where he always layed and watched tv she told me she felt pressure in her chest and that Matthew was having issues with his nose running and he was Matthew had been having seizures for about 2 years before he died but Matthew died of a massive heart attic she valided that to me, she told me about his music and was right on point about a special song he always played on his guitar ( simpleman and he loved to play Tuesdays gone ) also she told me about his old truck that he loved, and she told me about blue birds and every since he passed eather blue birds or red birds started appearing on my younger son's porch and this just started happing after my son passed away, she brought up 03 this was when my step father passed away the only grandfather Matthew ever knew they were close she talked about him fishing well he did fish when he was younger I have pictures of him and his brother with there big catch when they were kids Matthew was about 14 and mark was about 10 also I never knew my real father he died before I was born but she said he showed her that he was by a river fishing and I've been told stories abouy how my real father how he loved to fish so I feel like he's with my real father as well, also she said the name Adam, well when I was born my aunt and uncle Joe Adams took care of me till I was 7 I love my uncle Joe so much he was more like my father than an uncle and I feel like Matthew is in heaven with my uncle joe as well and my real father and my step father, I would highly recomend Carrie for a reading she was right on point and the things she talked about are not posted on my fb. she was very sweet and polite and I felt very comfortable with her. Thank you, Carrie Wilson, you made it a little bit easier to cope with the loss of my son. "

- Regina W.

I got a card pulled from Carrie and she is spot on! She gave me insights on what to do be part of my grandsons life! Thank You so much for your time and energy! "

- Roberta S.

What great energy!!

I absolutely loved my reading today with Carrie!!

So right on about everything!

I would highly recommend her and I will be back!!

Thank You!! "

- Maria M.

Carrie has an amazing talent. She has opened up my eyes and heart to things I haven't felt before. I am so happy our paths crossed. You are awesome, Carrie! "

- Katti J.

Let’s just say you are completely right with everything. So, thank you sooo much. You are a blessing. I’m over here thinking right now to the point my head is hurting lol . I’m like blown away.

- Kia A.

Thank you so much for taking your time and energy to do this free reading for me! I feel that what you said really makes sense and lines up with signs I’ve been seeing lately! It’s great having this reading to look back at periodically so I can remember to not be so hard on myself and trust that things will work out as they’re supposed to. I really appreciate it and will remember to keep what you said in mind! "

- Brandy S.

Thank you so much for my reading, I am amazed at how accurate it was, I’ve gotten many readings before but nothing like this, Your amazing Carrie thanks a million xx "

- Kia C.

Ms.Carrie thank you so so much...and you are so gifted...thank you for the amazing that a pic can say so much.. "

- Margaret E.

Carrie, you did such a wonderful job. As soon as I started in on your trading tears were falling. I do feel the presence of loved ones, and my grandmother was someone I hold very near and dear to me. The light flickers I though were weird, they’d only happen when I was alone. I do believe and have an open mind to those with gifts and spirits, but I don’t practice. It’s something that has always fascinated me though. Thank you so much for my phenomenal reading Carrie. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. "

- Gayle A.

Thank you for my reading it was dead on an brought tears to my eyes I am feeling like I'm putting a lot into work an just not sure I am very overwhelmed and hide behind the smile so you were right there too an I'm constantly questioning if I'm doing the right thing in different areas of my life also I want a son not sure if that's where that part came from thank you so much. "

- Cathy G




Just received a medium read from Carrie in which she connected with my Godfather who recently passed although I cried the whole time it has brought me some comfort thank you so much "

- Cathy G

Thank you Carrie! I'm amazed by who you mentioned. Thank you for your reading and that card, whoa. Spot on with me. Thanks! "

- Amanda M

Omg had a reading from Carrie Wilson Absolutely spot on with everything u said. "

- Tracey T

Oh wow! I didn’t get a chance to tell you how spot on you were!! Thank you so much for connecting with my passed friend!! You were dead on with absolutely everything!! Her personality, the name she was giving you, the male she left behind being her young son, the dates!! I am glowing!! I am so deeply grateful!! The card you pulled for me also resonates deeply ❤️☀️

Most definitely will recommend you to others!!

Thanks again for the beautiful message!! "

- Sharmain B

Thank you for the reading! It gave me goosebumps when u mentioned seeing a rose bc that’s her middle name and the color green could be bc she passed in a field after a car accident. Again, thank you! "

- Kyli B

I just want to say thank you so so much! Wow she truly is looking out for me and the music and bird thing I could see it also the attitude and being bossy was STRAIGHT ON I wish she was to say something to my mom they were inseparable. But I know you can only get so much . Thank you though and it really brought me a smile. "

- Alyssa R

Spot on on everything..he called me grandmother who im named after is jean..emphesema heart condition ex bawling right now and amazed at how accurate the connection was <3thank you. "

- Jeannie H

No words could ever express how greatful I am! Amazing! Thank you so much Carrie Wilson. Highly recommend to everyone "

- Nyss G

Carrie Wilson, my sister in law posted a photo if my husband that has passed last year. You were spot on! Thank you so much! "

- Katherine M

Thank you Carrie Wilson ! Your reading about my brother was spot on. It was all very true about his personality and love of newports lolol 💕I needed to hear that thanks so much "

- Caitlin R

Wow just had a reading from Carrie and she was almost spot on about him, thank you so much for the reading x "

- Becky A

Thank you so much! You were spot on, on so many aspects of my grandfather's photo reading! "

- Cassandra F

Thank you so much for the reading today, Carrie!!! You were absolutely spot on about my anxiety and tendency to feel as if the rug is about to be pulled from underneath me!! Your reading honestly put me at ease. "

- Kristina S

Good morning! First of all i am impressed by Carrie, she brought up my little pet peeves which like she said no one understands why the little mistakes get to me the worst which includes not getting texts being at the very top of it lol...everything brought up was so spot on i am oh so honored to have been read by you Carrie thank you so much please have a blessed day! "

- Livid A

Absolutely amazing reading received from Carrie! Have gotten readings from her in the past and I’m always over the moon with how accurate Carrie is! Thanks a million "

- Kia C

You are amazing! You really got the details down, for my travels, for my relationship with my father, and for his death. Thank you so much!!! "

- Jules F

Thank you so much Carrie 💕 I have chills and tears from your reading. I have never had a support system and I’m feeling positive now that I can go it on my own. I am now at ease with my decision and excited about it in a way. My biggest take away from this is to stop doubting myself so much ☺️ thank you again, you are truly gifted! "

- Megan M

Thanks so much for my reading! You were spot on about the past and the present! "

- Maria C

Carrie Wilson what can I say, what an experienced reader she was so spot on with my reading, thank u so much Carrie I would definitely recommend her xxxx♥️ l&l xxx "

- Karlie E

Carrie, thank you for such a lovely and beautiful reading and for providing such great information and guidance. Your time and energy to conduct my reading means the world to me. "

- Jill O

Thank you so much for my reading most of it was spot on & if it wasn't it still made sense in some other way. Wow wow wow thank you thank you 💛💙💜💚❤ I can't thank you enough "

- Lin J

Thank you so much. Your reading was 100% spot on, I really can’t thank you enough. I’m in tears this morning, she is so missed. Her message brings me so much comfort. "

- Lexie S

Thank you so much Carrie Wilson for such an amazing reading! It was so helpful in my time of need, and really lifted my spirits! Such a great way to wake up, and start a better day! "

- Sara N

Thank you so much for the photo reading. You were on point with quite a few things, especially the part of taking care of the needy:). I appreciate your time and I will pay attention to things that you stated. Thank you!!! "

- Denise M

Thanks for my reading. I believe what’s meant to be will be. I’m happy to hear spirit has my back. "

- Sandra K

WOW you are amazing thank you. This gave me a lot of answers "

- Anna-Marie P

Thank you so much for your reading it was on point to the tee and puts my mind at ease "

- Nicole V

I appreciate my reading. Thankyou! It actually will help me move forward as many things resonated. "

- Trudy P

Carrie was amazing! I think I am going into psychiatry because of her!! Thanks "

- Belle C

Thank you so much for the insight you were right on key . Hope to speak again In the future "

- Tina C




Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed at this time. It really makes me see that I’m where I’m supposed to be and definitely reassured me of the choices I’ve been making lately- the changes I’ve been working on- perfect timing. Thank you "

- Linda M

Thank u SO much for my reading today!! So much u said and told me was spot on and I needed it so much!! "

- Sarah C

 Oh my god 😭 I never really thought that readings were real but like I can't even deter how I feel. Thank you. You were spot on about my past that it sorta scares me. And you're right about me going through an emotional time right now. I dunno how to thank you but I thank you from the bottom of my heart. "

- Marista L




Carrie Wilson wow you spot on🙌😱 i just want to say thank you for the reading i will definitely put work into my Relationship.. Again thank you "

- Amber L




Carrie Wilson is absolutely amazing! She is a fabulous Medium and her delivery is always heartfelt and sincere. I highly recommend this amazing woman! "

- Jean C




Thanks so much. Spot on. Was good to hear from Mama as there is no phone booth in heaven. "

- Velma S




Thank you so much such a perfect reading..everything you said was so true xxx "

- Christine B




Carrie Wilson you were amazing and spot on! Appreciate your reading and words so so so so very much it truly touched my heart you were amazing I will be coming back for a paid reading!!! (Today I was chosen for a mini free reading and its was incredible!!!!! Carrie is wonderful) "

- Jessica L




Thank you for the card reading. Had me thinking about my life and trying to discover if I may be suppressing feelings. Pretty spot on "

- Cassandra F




Carrie is absolutely AMAZING! There is truly are no words to describe how phenomenal this woman is! I am so blessed to be able to call her a friend. If you are interested in booking an appointment with her- do it! You will not be disappointed. Love you, Carrie! "

- Jean R.C.




Thank you so much for the reading. It was exactly what I needed and also very accurate. I do have 3 children depending on me. I have a medical condition causing me to not be able to work and it's been a tough road. But I am taking the steps necessary to either get disability if I can no longer work or praying they find a way to fix me so I can work. Again thank you I really needed this. "

- Kelli P




Carrie Wilson thanks very much for taking the time to read me 🙂. You raised some very interesting points and dead on in those areas and pointing out some things. "

- Eric F




Very accurate and insightful. "

- Katie R




Thank you so much just what I needed to hear today so I can move forward you were on point!🌸💕💕Thank you again love and light "

- Robin O




Oh Ms. Carrie, I can not stop thinking of how you made me feel....i just wish we could’ve committed. Yes you hit it right in tha spot of my heart. I wish there was a way i could tell tha whole world that not really any 2 persons brought a huge smile to me tha way you have this morning. Thank you. Thank you so much. "

- Monie J

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