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Romarin et Corbeaux

Oxford, Alabama's Metaphysical Book Store...

Romarin et Corbeaux is a wonderful little shop located at:

1716 Hamric Drive East
Suite 3
Oxford, AL

Carrie facilitates in-person readings Tuesday - Saturday from 10-6 at Romarin et Courbeaux.

To make it easier for the client as well as Carrie, she asks that you use her booking system. That way you may select a date and time that is convenient for you.

To book your In-House session, please check out the Schedule Now button below. If you have any questions you may message Carrie via the chat box on the website and she will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may also message Romarin et Corbeaux's Facebook page

As a way to give back to her local community, Carrie has lowered her prices exclusively for Romarin patrons.  "I look forward to working with you!" 
* Please be aware there are cats on the premises. 
If you have a fear of cats booking an online session is going to be your best bet. *




Aura Reading 
15 Mins; Cards or Evidential Mediumship 
30 Mins; Cards of Evidential Mediumship 
Combo Evidential Mediumship & Cards 

Grand Tableau Month Ahead Card Reading 
Spiritual Assessment 

Cash Only


Preparing for your Session

 Disclaimer: The readings that Carrie provides are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information that she gives you, including any actions you take, is up to your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. Carrie's services are not a substitute for professional services and it is advised that you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert. In accordance with the law, when you order this product you are confirming that you understand this product is for entertainment purposes only. This is not to be substituted for medical, psychological, legal, or any other legally-recognized professional services 


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